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Daibhid's Fanfic List

Here's a list of all my fanfic. I think.Read more...Collapse )


Discworld fic

The Fish Without the Sea now up on AO3. I hope people like it. Major spoilers for The Shepherd's Crown.

Edinburgh Fringe

This was ages ago, haven't I written it up yet? Okay, here we go.

It was a good Fringe. I was only down for three days, but I saw The Reduced Shakespeare Company's Shakespeare's Long Lost First Play (abridged), Mort by the group who did Faust Eric last year, and stand-up by Mitch Benn, Robert Newman and Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden. And they were all excellent.
Saturday: RSC and MortCollapse )

Sunday: Mitch Benn and Robert NewmanCollapse )

Monday: Barry Cryer and Ronnie GoldenCollapse )

Question for AO3 users

Just checking; if I'm writing a work set shortly after and about the canonical death of a major character, does that count as Major Character Death?


Techie question for the groupmind.

I have an iPad. In order to reduce the amount of paper filling our house, I've started getting my magazines on the iPad Newsstand. Except it's acting up.

When I tap Doctor Who Magazine, the DWM logo appears for a moment (or longer than a moment), and then I bounce back to the Newsstand menu, The last time this happened, I fixed it by restarting the iPad. Tried that.

New Scientist and SFX both working fine, by the way. It's just DWM.

Any thoughts?


Happy birthday, marco_villalta and belated happy birthday, supermouse!
New story on Teaspoon, inspired by john_amend_all's Really Stretching UNIT Dating.

Rocktor Who and the Silurians