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Daibhid's Fanfic List

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One iPod containing a downright obtuse music collection.
Thirty first lines.
No googling.

(And I will be exceedingly generous regarding the name of the artist, since you'd have to be psychic to figure out when the track I have isn't the original...)
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Two Things Make 0.4 of a Post

1) New job! After far too much kerfuffle and confusion, I started as an Admin Apprentice at the DWP today. It was mostly getting the lay of the land today, but honestly, I'm happy to be having dinner at a normal time again.

Because I had to quit the cleaning job. I was considering that it might be just possible to do both, but everyone who I mentioned this plan to (Mum, my former Jobcentre advisor, both employers) told me I was mad. I was a bit anxious about this (I've never actually left a job for reasons other than my contract ending before), but they were cool. For my last day we had chocolate cake at break, and they gave me a card. So that was nice.

2. Request for fic advice. The Wikipedia entry on speaking tubes says "Voicepipes have no switching mechanism and so, to provide multiple destinations, separate voicepipes with dedicated transit pipes have to be provided between all pairs of desired endpoints." Okay, but is there any reason why not, or is it just that nobody ever did? I have an idea for a busy Discworld office building having a central "switchboard" where all the pipes come out, and an operator connects the pipelines together, but I've a nagging feeling that if that worked, someone would have done it.

The Lying Detective

Oh my goodness!
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Yep, we’re doing this again. Here we go. (All reviews contain MASSIVE SPOILERS.)

Doctor Who: The Return of Dr Mysterio
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The Last Dragonslayer
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Jonathan Creek: Daemon’s Roost
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Sherlock: The Six Thatchers
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