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Daibhid's Fanfic List

Here's a list of all my fanfic. I think.Read more...Collapse )


Yoiks, and away!

Okay, I'm currently in the process of moving to Dreamwidth for The Reasons. I'm daibhidc there, and my annual Things I Learnt At The Science Festival post is already up.

Lyric Quiz results

As ever, I apologise for how ridiculous my musical tastes are. (But seriously, if you're Discworld fans, try to listen to Steeleye's Wintersmith! It's good!)Read more...Collapse )


Signal boost for the lyrics quiz. Although I suspect the reason there's only three entries is not because people haven't seen it, but for the usual reason that my musical tastes are ridiculous.

A Song for Europe

Parliament was sat one night,
With rebels on the left and right,
The sky was dark, the hour was late,
And still the Commons did debate.

The arguments went round and round,
There was no sign of common ground.
The MPs all shook their heads,
As Theresa stood up and said:
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One iPod containing a downright obtuse music collection.
Thirty first lines.
No googling.

(And I will be exceedingly generous regarding the name of the artist, since you'd have to be psychic to figure out when the track I have isn't the original...)
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(Yes, apparently that's what I'm officially calling these.)Read more...Collapse )