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Daibhid's Fanfic List

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Happy birthday, marco_villalta and belated happy birthday, supermouse!
New story on Teaspoon, inspired by john_amend_all's Really Stretching UNIT Dating.

Rocktor Who and the Silurians
If that's not enough to warn you off, what if I said the tune was "Downtown" by Petulia Clark?
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Can anyone identify these books?

I was just reminded that I asked about some books on TV Tropes's Remember That Show... thing ages ago and didn't have much luck (although they did manage to identify one story I read as a kid as one of Joan Aitken's). As a result of which, they've started annoying me again, so I thought I'd see if they sounded familiar to anyone here.
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Just a reminder that the numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 10 are still open on the Domestic Pairings meme, if anyone has any more housework they'd like me to write a fic about.